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Camille Moore, a Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) alumna currently attending the University of Denver (DU) School of Law, was a first-generation high school student, a college student at the University of Colorado Boulder, and a graduate of Denver East High. At school and now a future lawyer. Camille continues to rely on the support of mentors and organizations like DSF to be successful in her career. He is the first black person to become president of the DU Student Bar Association and is an inspiration to his community and family, a responsibility he does not take lightly.

A resident of Colorado, Camille attended East High School and graduated in 2013. He participated in many preschool programs and regularly visited his DSF Future Center. With the help of Maria, a DSF college counselor, she applied to several colleges and won over 100 different scholarships. Camille also recruited additional students to benefit from DSF’s Future Center at East to apply for college and scholarships.

Camille attended the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied Political Science and Ethnic Studies. At CU Boulder, she met Chris Pacheco, acting vice provost for CU Boulder and DSF Campus Contact and vice chancellor for diversity, equity and inclusion, who helped her get involved on campus. She joined the Honors Residential Academic Program, where she led a group of incoming students and guided them through the transition from high school to college, cultural events, and academic guidance. He was raised by a single mother and his sister paved the way for him to start college, but his responsibility was to finish college, not just enroll. She is a role model for her cousins, and after seeing what Camille has accomplished, they are inspired to pursue their dreams.

Camille will be graduating from the University of Denver Law School in the next few months. He enrolled in January 2020 and never thought he would be starting law school during a pandemic. He also underwent a couple of surgeries where he learned to walk again. He currently works as a Community Engagement Manager at Sherman & Howard. Camille’s advice to current DSF Fellows is: “Know your reason for fundraising for your mentorship to be successful.” He is currently a mentor to Denver Kids and is paving the way for younger generations to come after him. He knows that he would not be where he is today without the support of others. Camille sees herself as a US Senator and aims to be a lawyer while serving on various foundation boards to help students realize their potential.

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