Investor Alert: Exercise Caution with – Potential Ponzi Scheme

Investor Alert: Exercise Caution with – Potential Ponzi Scheme


We feel it is our responsibility to bring your attention to a newly emerged website called, which has sparked serious concerns within the investment community. Launched in May, claims to provide investors with remarkably high returns on their investments (ROI) within a short timeframe. However, we have received alarming reports that strongly suggest the presence of a potential Ponzi scheme.

In the past, we have witnessed similar instances with websites like 86fb and GMG, where lofty promises of significant returns turned out to be fraudulent schemes. These websites disappeared overnight, leaving investors in dire financial straits. Given this recurring pattern, we strongly urge you to exercise extreme caution when dealing with any platform that guarantees unrealistic ROIs, as they often operate under the Ponzi scheme model.

Ponzi schemes typically rely on a “robbing Peter to pay Paul” approach. In simpler terms, when new investments slow down, the system becomes unsustainable, eventually leading to its collapse. Unfortunately, such collapses result in substantial financial losses for the majority of participants, with only a select few benefiting in the early stages.

One glaring red flag with is the lack of a visible address and genuine contact information on their website. Legitimate businesses are expected to provide transparent details about their location and offer multiple means of communication to establish trust with their clients. The absence of such information raises serious concerns regarding the credibility and legitimacy of

Considering the associated risks of investing in platforms that promise unrealistic returns, we strongly advise all potential investors to proceed with utmost caution. Conduct thorough research, verify the platform’s credibility, and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions.

Remember, legitimate investments always carry some degree of risk but are supported by transparent practices, regulatory compliance, and a tangible business model. To safeguard your hard-earned money, remain vigilant and skeptical when confronted with promises of quick and guaranteed returns.

Stay informed and protect your financial well-being.


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